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Women the time is now! We are at risk of losing our sex based rights that we fought years for!

Women Rise up Together is a movement created by WOMEN for WOMEN 

The aim is to protect sex based rights of women, via petitions, protest and strikes.

This is a Global Movement that welcomes women from all over the world to stand united to protect our rights….. 


WOMEN RIGHTS Are being attacked

Women fought for rights. The rights to vote, to work, to be segragated for privacy and safety reasons such as prisons, sports, women shelters and the right to speak and protest without violently being attacked.

Recently Trans Women are being given the same rights as women which has allowed them to access our spaces regardless of how we feel. There is no definitive way or any objective measure which can identify a trans women from somebody pretending to be trans to gain access and committ SA toward women, attacks are now on the rise. 

The word mother and woman are being replaces by terms such as “Birthing person” “Chest feeder” “Person with a uterus”